Fat Burning Green Smoothie – Easy to do it

Lifestyle changes produce long-term results. You lose the weight the healthy way AND you maintain it! This is what we want! Green-smoothie-fat-burning All the ingredients for this smoothie are high water content fruit and veggies so the smoothie is super cleansing and will help you not only shed the pounds but also to stay hydrated and nourished!

Fat Burning Green Smoothie


 1 cup of kale 1 cup of spinach 3 Granny Smith apples 1 cup of pineapple 2 celery sticks Juice of half a lemon 1 cup of water


In a high-speed blender add the cup of water with the kale and spinach and blend until smooth Next, add the apples and celery and blend again Lastly, add the pineapple and the juice of a lemon and blend everything until smooth Serve and enjoy! 2.
green smoothie for weight loss


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