Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

20 Best Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipes – Quick & Easy

These 20 Best  Frozen Hot Chocolate recipes that rivals any coffe shop drink! frozen hot chocolate recipe that rivals any coffee shop drink! Creamy, double chocolate flavor and ready in under 5 minutes.Try them out today!

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

1- The Best Frozen Hot Chocolate

These freezy-cool, ultra chocolaty Frozen Hot Chocolates are to-die for! Rich and creamy, you’ll love the cocoa flavor and frosty texture.

From: The Domestic Rebel

2- Mexican Frozen Hot Chocolate

A gently spiced Mexican hot chocolate, iced and made slushy-style.

From: Gourmande in the Kitchen

3- Frozen Beet Hot Chocolate

This one’s a bit left-field, but believe me when I say that it tastes really good! Plus, the pastel purple color actually looks really really nice. Try it out today and fall in love with beets!

From: Love Beets

4- Toasted Coconut Frozen Hot Chocolate

One sip of Toasted Coconut Frozen Hot Chocolate made with coconut milk and you’ll be whisked away to paradise. Easily makes two drinks in a blender.

From: Homemade in the Kitchen

5-Pink Velvet Frozen Hot Chocolate

This Pink Velvet Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe is easy, fast and the very best way to transform your Swiss Miss hot chocolate into a decadent frozen treat to help keep you cool this summer.

From: A Wicked Whisk

6-Easy Frozen 3-Ingredient Hot Chocolate

Insanely delicious and insanely easy, this frozen hot chocolate is perfect for those hot summer months when drinking hot chocolate would be, well, insane.

From: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

7- Game of Thrones Inspired Hot Chocolate with Baileys Irish Creme

Are you a huge Game of Thrones fan? With the new season in full swing, you’ll love this Games of Thrones-inspired Frozen Hot Chocolate with Baileys Irish Creme. It reminds me of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, the color, the character traits, perhaps a bit cold with a bite?

From: Merlot Mommy

8- Frozen S’mores Hot Chocolate

Homemade hot chocolate has to be one of the most decadent beverages out there, but this recipe for frozen s’mores hot chocolate just kicked it up several notches!

From: A Turtle’s Life for Me

9- Kahlua Coconut Frozen Hot Chocolate

Kahlua Coconut Frozen Hot Chocolate is a scrumptious summer twist on this classic drink that will be a hit at your next barbecue, picnic, or pool party!

From: Handle The Heat

10- Nuts and Shaved Chocolate Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe – A cool creamy blend of sweet chocolate and milk, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

From: A Spicy Perspective

11- Chili-Dusted Frozen Hot Chocolate

A creamy mix of cocoa, chocolate, milk, and sugar is blended and frozen until slushy, then topped with fluffy whipped cream. Finished with a sprinkling of chili powder for a little added kick, this icy sweet treat is a chocaholic’s dream.

From: Plated

12- Malted Frozen Hot Chocolate

Not for the faint of heart, this supremely chocolatey drink is about equivalent to sipping on a melted chocolate bar—and we’re not mad about it.

From: Real Simple

13- Vegan Iced Hot Chocolate

Whether the weather is hot or cold, this is the right treat for you. Try it today and enjoy!

From: Food Retro

14- Slow Cooker Caramel Hot Chocolate

On a cold Fall day, treat yourself and indulge a little with some Slow Cooker Caramel Hot Chocolate. Rich, decadent and ridiculously easy!

From: Motherhood in Stilettos


15- Gingerbread Frozen Hot Chocolate

A deliciously festive recipe for frozen hot chocolate flavoured with subtle gingerbread spices!

From: My Fussy Eater

16- Brownie Flavored Frozen Hot Chocolate

Stay hydrated with this Brownie Flavored Frozen Hot Chocolate. A perfect summer indulgence packed with delicious flavors!

From: Ruchi’s Kitchen

17- Simple Homemade Frozen Hot Chocolate

A frozen hot chocolate recipe that rivals any coffee shop drink! Creamy, double chocolate flavor and ready in under 5 minutes.

From: Tastes of Lizzy T


18- Turtle Frozen Hot Chocolate

What makes this Turtle Frozen Hot Chocolate a snap to put together is that it requires minimal ingredients and very few steps. To make things even easier, you can find everything you need for this recipe at Walmart. Yay!

From: A Bajillan Recipes

19- Peanut Butter Frozen Hot Chocolate

Grab your blender because your next summer drink is right here with Peanut Butter Frozen Hot Chocolate topped with peanut butter whipped cream.

From: Homemade in the Kitchenn

20- Easy Healthy Frozen Hot Chocolate

When you’re trying to lose weight or just get healthier, sometimes you feel deprived. With this healthy frozen hot chocolate you can enjoy a delicious treat with AMAZING health benefits!

From: Simple Pure Beauty

Mermaid Frozen Hot Chocolate

A fun and refreshing summer twist on your favorite cozy drink. You won’t believe how amazing frozen hot chocolate is on a hot day!

From: A Cookie Named Desire


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