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30 Best Cocktail Recipes For Parties & Events

Cocktails and Drinks for a Crowd. Hosting a party is easy when you serve up cocktails by the batch. 30 best cocktail recipes for parties & events

Blackberry Champagne Float

Blackberry Champagne Float

They’d be perfect at brunch, or even as a dessert cocktail. Or you know, because it’s Friday.

From: ANerdCooks

Greyhound Cocktail Float

Greyhound Cocktail Float

Add a summer spin to the classic greyhound cocktail with a few scoops of grapefruit sorbet!

From: TheLittleEpicurean

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Floats

These strawberry daiquiris floats make for fun spring and summer cocktails. Refreshing, and fruity, they get their sweetness from homemade strawberry syrup, lime juice, a splash of rum, rounded out by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy the flavors! ?

From: EatWell101

 Moscow Mule Float

Moscow Mule Float

Who doesn’t love a boozy float? It’s the nostalgia of slurping down soda floats, but with the perks of being an adult! Turning your favorite cocktail into a float is always a fun way to beat the heat and keep cool (with a buzz, because that’s just more fun!) My newest recipe on Sugar & Cloth is the Moscow Mule Float! It’s a good one that is easy, even with making the no-turn lime sorbet.

From: CraftAndCocktails

Bourbon Root Beer Float

Bourbon Root Beer Float

An old-fashioned favorite becomes a craft cocktail

From: GardenAndGun

Dark & Stormy Float

Dark & Stormy Float

The dark and stormy float is an adult version of the classic ginger beer float. Use your favorite dairy-free ice cream to make this top 8 free!

From: AllergyGirlEats

Raspberry Champagne Float

Raspberry Champagne Float

Whether champagne or sparkling wine, there are lots of occasions to celebrate, sometimes even just surviving a week of toddler tantrums, and a champagne cocktail is a great way to toast!

From: TheLoveNerds

Rum Chata Root Beer Float

Rum Chata Root Beer Float

Oh My! This is one of those drinks I wish I had never tried, a RumChata Root beer Float!

From: DesignedDecor

Bonbon Float Cocktail

Bonbon Float Cocktail

Root beer floats are a family tradition for me. It’s my dad’s must-have dessert on his birthday. There’s something about the icy crust that forms around the ice cream in the soda. The cream with the herbaceous kick of the root beer is such a delicious combination, how could it possibly get better?

From: TheKitchyKitchen

Cranberry Apple Mimosa Float

ranberry Apple Mimosa Float

A champagne cocktail fitting for the season Cranberry Apple Mimosa Floats are a way to have your dessert and after-dinner-drink in one!

From: OneArmedMama

Peach Strawberry Sorbet Rose Float

Peach Strawberry Sorbet Rose Float

This peach strawberry sorbet rose float is a classy, adult twist on root beer floats. With crisp, bubbly Rose, fruity sorbet, and aromatic liqueur these floats are fun, refreshing, and can double as cocktails and desserts.

From: NoSpoonNecessary

 Apple Pie Float Cocktail

Apple Pie Float Cocktail

Cheers to fall with our Apple Cider Float Cocktail! A delicious combination of apple cider, a dash of cinnamon, some chilled champagne and topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s like a decadent for-adults-only ice cream float!

From: 2CookinMamas

Infinity War Inspired Sparkling Peach Float

In celebration of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War opening in theaters this weekend, I had to create a refreshing beverage to take the edge off of the emotions after you head to Wakanda with the Avengers.

From: GueenThrifty

Strawberry Mojito Float

Everyone needs a little sweet treat now and again. It doesn’t hurt that this sweet comes in the form of a frozen Mojito Cocktail.

From: AllSheCooks

Rum Chata Root Beer Float

I don’t normally love soda, but root beer is my jam. I have cravings for two things- ice cream and root beer- so naturally root beer floats are a favorite treat. My husband is also a fan.

From: DIYDanielle

Cream Soda Rum Float

When it’s Friday and you need a simple and sweet cocktail, look no further than this 3 ingredient Cream Soda Rum Float. Plus, it doubles as a dessert – win-win.

From: JellyToastBlog

4-Ingredient Boozy Watermelon Floats

This boozy float recipe requires no special equipment, comes together in seconds, and can be prepared right in the glass (no shaking tins or blenders or mixing glasses to wash afterwards). I can just about guarantee that it will be everyone’s favorite dessert, but also the easiest dish on the table.

From: TheInspiredHome

Shirley Temple Float

Your favorite childhood cocktail — the Shirley Temple — is now a delicious cherry-filled ice cream float.

From: Tastemade

Negroni Float

After a loooong Winter and chilly Spring, I am sure we are all ready for the warm weather of Summer. Days at the beach, poolside lounging, and backyard cookouts are (finally) at our doorstep! Come summertime, I am always on the look out for great drink recipes to pair with burgers, lobster rolls, and BBQ.

From: CraftAndCocktails

 Boozy Grasshopper Ice Cream Floats

Earlier today, Abby showed you how to pull off a super-sweet, kid-friendly Ice Cream Social—but what about a little grown-up fun? Yes, we love ice cream. But what do we love even more? Boozy ice cream. These adults-only (and dare we say life-changing) Boozy Grasshopper Floats from Victor Sizemore will satisfy your every craving.´

From: StyleMePretty

Mojito Floats

Make it a cocktail or a mocktail – any way you make it, this Mojito Float is an awesome way to cool off this summer! A little sweet, a little tart. A perfect drink for sitting in the shade while you fan yourself!

From: MyNourishedHome




Blackberry Champagne Float

They’d be perfect at brunch, or even as a dessert cocktail. Or you know, because it’s Friday.

From: ANerdCooks

Champagne Float with Strawberry Lemonade

What I’m really trying to tell you is that this cocktail recipe started out as a sham and ended up being really delicious and something I think you guys need to make this summer. It’s a simple champagne float that is full of flavor and it is crazy easy to make. No measuring required!

From: CupcakesAndCutlery

Boozy Eggnog Floats

Tis the season for Christmas cocktails! While most holiday cocktail parties pop open the champagne or add cranberries to traditional favorites, I wanted to shake things up a bit with the ultimate boozy eggnog float.

From: ForRent

Raspberry Sorbet Rose Floats

Raspberry Sorbet Rosé Floats – a fun beautiful cocktail to serve on Valentines Day or a ladies brunch! Made with raspberry sorbet, Rosé, and vanilla vodka!

From: JoyfulHealthyEats

Easy Mimosa Float

Celebrate any day with this Easy Mimosa Float recipe! Just two simple ingredients and you have a festive cocktail that’s perfect for Sunday brunch, holidays and ringing in the new year!

From: TheSuburbanSoapbox

30 Holiday Cocktail Recipes: Best Recipes for Christmas drinks

Kombucha Mimosa Floats

Add a few scoops into a glass, however many will fit, and pour over some kombucha. Voila, kombucha floats!! I called this recipe “kombucha mimosa floats” because I used orange sorbetto, but virtually any type of fruity frozen thing will work. Heck, you could even use a popsicle and it would work! The key here is keeping fruits with fruits – I’ve really never heard of a fruit combination that’s bad. Just pick a fruity kombucha that you like, and a fruity frozen thing that you like, and you’ll probably like the combination of the two.

From: WellAndFull

Creamsicle Prosecco Floats

These Creamsicle Prosecco Floats are reminiscent of a childhood favorite treat, and only require 3 ingredients! They are perfect for brunch with friends, dessert on a warm night, or whenever you want to treat yourself!

From: SpicesInMyDNA

Drunken Leprechaun Float

A quick recipe for St. Patrick’s Day! These are the fastest “cocktails” you’ll ever make. (Is a beer float a cocktail??)

From: FoodScienceSecret

Dirty Root Beer Float

Now, I’m not much of a beer drinker, and one that supposedly tastes like root beer sounded like was a guaranteed strong flavored dark beer- DEFINITELY not my scene. When Dave cracked one later that night, tasted it, was completely expressionless, and then told me to taste it. Although hesitant, ESPECIALLY since he wouldn’t give me any clues to the taste, I did.

From: GoGoGoGourmet



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