30 Thanksgiving Inspired Finger Foods & Dips:
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30 Best Thanksgiving Inspired Finger Foods & Dips: Ideas Easy to do

Everyone loves finger foods – especially around the holiday season. Enjoy these 30 Thanksgiving inspired finger foods & dips…It’s Thanksgiving time again and I’m very excited to be meeting up with my whole family and celebrating. Everyone brings their own side dishes and taking a look before dinner is called is truly something to behold. Filling up on food on Thanksgiving is always a must but what if you could do it and still be healthy as well?


30 Thanksgiving Inspired Finger Foods & Dips:

I’ve found 30 Thanksgiving Inspired Finger Foods dishes to take to your Thanksgiving feast this year. Not only are these recipes healthy, but they taste great as well. Also, don’t forget to follow Karluci Health on Pinterest for more great ideas and recipes. Please help us share these ideas by pinning them to your Thanksgiving board!


Cheesy Corn Fritters

Corn Fritters Recipe – Crispy on the edges, soft in the middle and so delicious, these little cheesy cakes are so easy to put together and make a great side dish for a host of dinners! Feel free to use canned or frozen corn, but these are especially good with fresh corn in the summer. Enjoy!

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Low-Carb Zucchini Tots

Every time I go back to Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, I stock up on zucchini and love to try new ways of converting recipes to things that are allowed on the plan.  There are a lot of recipes for zucchini tots out there, but all of them contain potato, panko, or breadcrumbs.  All of those are loaded with carbs, even though the recipes call them healthy and low carb.

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Mini Party Poblano Quesadillas

It’s a little late, but lately I’ve been holding off on celebrating my birthday until Cinco de Mayo, since that gives me the perfect excuse to drink a million margaritas (and by a million, I mean 3 throughout the course of the day– I’m a lightweight you guys), and make a ton of downright drool-worthy food for me and all of my friends. And these Mini Party Poblano Quesadillas are perhaps the drooliest of them all.

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From: InspiredByCharm

This layered BLT Dip is sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Layered with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, this appetizer recipe brings together the classic flavors everyone loves.

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 Easy Appetizer Bacon Crackers

From: TipHero

Let’s face it, cheese and crackers just don’t make for a crackin’ party. But put bacon on a cracker, and that’s an appetizer that every carnivore can get behind.

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 Cheesy Baked Vidalia Onion Dip

From: MontanaHappy

Who doesn’t love a yummy, gooey, cheesy dip? This Cheesy Baked Vidalia Onion Dip will have your taste buds singing and make you the favorite chef of any potluck party.

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Puff Pastry Ham & Cheese Pinwheels

From: WellPlated

While I’d be flattered if you assumed that my go-to appetizer is a beautifully styled combination of bespoke produce, a homemade fancy sauce, and some kind of European cured meat, let me tell you a little secret: it’s actually these four-ingredient Ham and Cheese Pinwheels.

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Turkey Cranberry Meatballs

From: SixSistersStuff

These sweet and tangy meatballs are perfect for a main dish when served over rice, or served on toothpicks for a fun appetizer!

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Crunchy Green Bean Casserole Bites

Want to make the ULTIMATE Friendsgiving appetizer? Crunchy Green Bean Casserole Bites with a Creamy Dipping Gravy is the recipe you’re looking for! Transform traditional green bean casserole ingredients – Del Monte® Blue Lake® Cut Green Beans, Campbell’s® Cream of Mushroom Soup and Swanson® Chicken broth – into a handheld appetizer and dipping gravy that are sure to wow. Ready in less than 50 minutes, these easy bites are scrumptious!

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Garlic Parmesan Yellow Squash Chips

From: DietHood

Nothin’. You just get to read my exclamation points and know that the excited shouting is fo’ real. Garlic Parmesan Yellow Squash Chips are also, fo’ real.

Get the full recipe here


Bourbon BBQ Little Smokies

Bourbon BBQ Little Smokies are a flavorful appetizer that’s easy to make and oh so good! They are the perfect fit for any occasion or get together!

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Pizza Crackers

The easiest 4-ingredient snack, appetizer or lunch for the kids! Easily change them to your tastes. Less than 10 minutes start to finish!

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Smoked Mozzarella Dip

This hot, bubbling Smoked Mozzarella Dip is the ultimate party food! Four different cheeses all melted into one delicious appetizer that is perfect for dipping!

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Thanksgiving Deviled Eggs

From: TheKitchn

These creamy deviled eggs, flavored with sage and shallots and topped with plenty of crispy bacon crumbles, are easy to make and even easier to win over your aunt who keeps asking if you need any help.

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 Mini Falafel Bites

These bites can be made into any size you want. This recipe makes 4 bites, with each one fitting into a one mini pita pocket.

 Cheesy Bacon Stuffed Mini Peppers

These Cheesy Bacon Stuffed Mini Peppers are the perfect crowd-pleasing appetizer! They’re stuffed with two kinds of cheese, bacon, and more, then baked till melty and delicious!

Get the full recipe here


 Spinach Dip Bites

From: LilLuna

Yes, I know… another Appetizer recipe. Don’t worry, it’s one of the last ones. ? This next recipe I’m sharing is for Spinach Dip Bites. I had seen this recipe on Chocolate, Chocolate and More and knew we had to give it a try ourselves.

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Crock-Pot Cranberry Orange Meatballs

Crock-Pot Cranberry Orange Meatballs are easy to make in the slow cooker and are perfect appetizers for holiday parties and gatherings.

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18. Out-Of-This-World Corn Dip

This Out-of-this-World Corn Dip (also know as Crack Corn Dip) is a crowd-pleasing appetizer that has become my go-to party recipe. It’s easy to make and will always great rave reviews!

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Apple Pie Bites

These incredibly delicious (and easy) Apple Pie Bites are going to be your go-to dessert in a hurry!

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Best Ever Crack Dip Recipe

This Crack Dip recipe is rightly named – it’s totally addicting. Cold crack dip is a creamy sour cream based dip filled with ranch, cheese and bacon. Does it get any better?

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 Easy Salami Appetizer

From: RecipeGirl

These get gobbled up at every party I host:  Easy Salami Appetizer

Get the full recipe here


Apricot Ricotta Honey Basil Bites

These Apricot Ricotta Honey Basil Bites are a perfect summertime appetizer to serve at a dinner party.

Get the full recipe here


Homemade Mac & Cheese Bites

Mac and Cheese is one of the BEST comfort foods out there in my honest opinion. I’m not talking about the packaged stuff, but rather the homemade goodness. It truly is special.

Get the full recipe here

French Dip Bites

From: Delish

Instant party classic.

Get the full recipe here.

Cheesy Asparagus Spears

Cheesy Asparagus Spears – These blanched asparagus spears wrapped in goat cheese and prosciutto are perfect for a spring party. Plus, they can double as a mini centerpiece!

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Polenta-Olive Tapenade Bites

Crispy on the outside and creamy in the middle, these polenta bites are topped with punchy olive tapenade.

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Cucumber Bites

These are fantastic for a number of reasons… Beautifully colorful, a real standout of a dish.  Easy, Really Really DIY Easy to make and cost-effective,  The whole tray of about 36 appetizers will come in at about a quarter each!

Get the full recipe here


Sausage & Stuffing Balls

These Sausage and Stuffing Balls with Cranberry Dipping Sauce are a fabulous holiday appetizer…or a great recipe twist to use up leftovers from the big meal!

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 Baked Cream Cheese Wontons

Cream Cheese Wonton is one tasty, addictive “east meets west” culinary creation. Crispy wonton skin wrapped around ooey-gooey seasoned cream cheese dipped in a sweet tangy sauce. You’ve got to love a good fusion dish – a merger of ingredients from two different worlds, unexpected, a little different, but yum yum yum…YUM.

Get the full recipe here

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31. Cheesy Shrimp Cakes

If you love shrimp recipes, these shrimp cakes are for YOU! They are juicy, tender and so flavorful. These shrimp fritters always disappear fast! P.S. DO NOT skip the lemon aioli sauce.

Get the full recipe here


Blueberry Basil Balsamic Mozzarella Crisps

Easy peezy and gone in moments!

Get the full recipe here


Polenta Toasts with Herbed Ricotta & Bacon

These crisp polenta toasts can be made well ahead, and their topping of rich ricotta and bacon is both simple and crowd-pleasing.


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