Low-Carb Keto Thanksgiving Desserts
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25 Low-Carb Keto Thanksgiving Desserts

Holiday season is dessert season. But you don’t have to sacrifice your ketogenic diet for a sweet treat! Here are some dessert recipes to get back the taste you miss without the carbs you don’t.


1. Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars

Everybody should be familiar with the famous Snickerdoodle cookie, right? Cinnamon sugar yumminess, yes that! Well How To This and That have created a decadent low carb keto cheesecake bar that is to die for. Come see how easy they are to make.

From: How To This and That

2. Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Latte

All of your favorite fall flavors in one warm, comforting low carb cup. What happened when bulletproof coffee meets low carb pumpkin spice latte? This!

From: Peace, Love, and Low Carb

3. Paleo, Dairy Free Bulletproof Hot Chocolate

Thick, creamy and absolutely delicious, this luscious paleo & keto bulletproof hot chocolate is bound to have you swooning! And at just 2.5g net carbs, it’s truly ideal!

From: Gnom Gnom

4. Molten Peanut Butter Lava Cake

This is the low carb peanut butter dessert of your dreams! Ooey gooey peanut butter lava cake. This keto lava cake recipe is sure to please.

From: All Day I Dream About Food

5. Cheesecake Keto Fat Bombs

These fat bombs are perfect for whenever you need something quick & keto throughout the day — or when you have the in-laws over for Thanksgiving!

From: Eat Well 101

6. Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Raspberry thumbprint cookies are easy gluten free and low carb cookies with a fruity raspberry jam filling. They are perfect for low carb, Keto and sugar free diets.

From: Sugar Free Londoner

7. Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies

These Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies are so easy and delicious that you won’t want to waste your pumpkin on any other recipe this season! These low carb pumpkin cookies + a cup of espresso or coffee = the best part of your day, possibly your week. True story.

From: I Breathe I’m Hungry

8. Mini Pumpkin Pies

These Mini Pumpkin Pies will be the cutest treat you serve this fall. They are the perfect handheld two-bite sweet to satisfy your pumpkin craving.

From: Joy Filled Eats

9. Easy No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites

No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites are a simple treat that is low carb, grain free, and gluten-free.

From: Beauty and the Foodie

10. Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse

All the delicious flavors of all in one dish. Low Carb Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse.

From: Peace, Love, and Low Carb

11. No Bake Chocolate Mousse Tart

This is the creamiest, the dreamiest low carb dessert ever. Sugar-free chocolate mousse in a grain-free chocolate cookie crust. It’s no bake and so easy to make!

From: All Day I Dream About Food

12. Low Carb Eggnog

This sugar free eggnog drink is made using low carb ingredients including almond milk and a sugar-free sweetener. It’s perfect for a keto diet, and you can enjoy it with or without alcohol.

From: Savory Tooth

13. CInnamon Swirl Bread

This recipe for Keto Cinnamon Swirl Bread is the perfect breakfast treat for the entire family! It’s low carb, gluten free and has no added sugar. Enjoy it as is, or try it toasted with butter.

From: This Mom’s Menu

14. Keto & Low Carb Pie Crust

If you are looking for a pie crust that can be either rolled or pressed into a pie plate you can stop right here. This Easy Low Carb Pie Crust works for both and for sweet or savory recipes.

From: Joy Filled Eats


16. 4-Ingredient Salted Caramel No Bake Balls

An easy no bake recipe for salted caramel energy balls which are paleo and vegan-friendly! Made with just 4-ingredients, these high-protein bliss balls are also low carb, nut-free, keto-friendly and ready in 5 minutes!

From: The Big Man’s World

17. Keto Pecan Pie

Keto pecan pie? It doesn’t have to be a fantasy anymore. This keto pecan pie recipe will reacquaint you with the taste you miss without the carbs you don’t.

From: Keto Summit

18. Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake

Rich, creamy, and delicious — you’ll love making this keto pumpkin cheesecake all fall and winter long. This pumpkin cheesecake is low-carb and has no added sugar, but you’d never guess with how amazing it tastes! Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to try this recipe!

From: Green and Keto

19. Pumpkin Blondies

These keto pumpkin blondies are great with coffee, but they are also great for keto newbies or right after a workout because pumpkin is loaded with potassium. Gram for gram pumpkin has more potassium than bananas, and potassium is a major player in balancing your bodies electrolytes.

From: Cast Iron Keto

20. Pumpkin Streusel

Keto pumpkin streusel coffee cake, the delicious result of combining a low carb streusel coffee cake with pumpkin puree. It’s the perfect keto brunch recipe.

From: Fit to Serve Group

21. Keto “Apple” Cobbler

A keto apple cobbler recipe that swaps high carb apples for low in carbs chayote squash. It’s the perfect mock apple option. Get all the flavor of apples minus the extra carbs.

From: Fit to Serve Group

22. Pumpkin Roll Cake

If you want to make something you can bring to family gatherings (or work potlucks) that looks great and tastes even better, plus still be keto, this is the recipe for you.

From: Certainly Keto

23. Easy Keto Fudge Recipe with Cocoa Powder

This easy keto fudge recipe needs just 4 ingredients and 10 minutes prep! And, making keto fudge with cocoa powder and sea salt is super easy.

From: Wholesome Yum

24. Walnut Keto Brownies

Flourless keto brownies with walnuts, only 1.5g net carbs each and easy to make. Great for low carb, paleo, sugar free, and gluten free diets.

From: Savory Tooth

25. Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

These healthy pumpkin cheesecake bars are layered with a bottom almond flour crust, a middle cheesecake layer, and a top pumpkin layer. Low carb, keto friendly, and gluten-free.

From: Savory Tooth

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