5 alternatives to frying food that also taste good!

5 alternatives to frying food that also taste good!

We have all heard how changing habits can be difficult.  Especially, if you are trying to switch to a healthy eating routine, it can be a bit challenging! Therefore, instead of omitting certain things and adding new items to your diet, finding alternatives to making certain food is a much more convenient way to start good on your healthy journey. 

Many people, like myself, love fried food and cannot eat all boring and tasteless diet food! Knowing the cons of fried food due to the unhealthy amount of oil and grease in them, here are some alternatives to frying food that can help you start healthy while fulfilling your craving for good taste.


Air frying 

Well to start off, air frying is going to give you the results closest to deep frying. The air frying uses air fryers that give the same taste, look and smell as any deep fried item. All you have to do is set the temperature and time, place the item to be fried and voila! Scrumptious fried food with no oil! 


Air fryers are available in the market for both commercial and household usage in different sizes and features to match the needs of the customers. Many companies have manufactured some best large capacity air fryers for commercial use as well as for households to help you fry in large quantities to entertain all your guests who have come over. Let them all be happy and healthy! 


Sauteing and stir frying 

Take just a spoon of oil and saute your chicken or veggies on a medium to high flame for just a few minutes. Stir and add your favorite spices and saute it until meat or vegetables are cooked. Add your favourite broth maybe to level it up. Turn off the flame and serve. Quick and simple! 


Stir frying is almost the same except that it is very high flame and constant stirring. This technique has come from pan asian kitchens and has served so well for a delicious yet nutritious food using very little amount of oil. A side tip; maybe use marinated meat for that yum stir fry!



Steaming has somehow always been associated with that bland and flavourless food, when in reality steaming retains most of the flavours and nutritions. Even with no or a few drops of oil, moisture from the water allows the spices to indulge and seep into the vegetables or meat and give an amazing aroma. Special steaming techniques are very useful to help you serve some exciting dishes that are so yummy yet healthy.



Again, a very easy technique and a go-to healthy option anytime. You can grill marinated meat or vegetables on a grill pan or smoker by adding just a spoonful of oil and heat prescribed by your recipe and enjoy a meal full of smokey flavour. The grill marks make your food look tempting while the taste is up to the mark! 

Oven- fried 

This is a term usually referred to as an alternative for the same technique as baking. You can oven- fry almost all the items you wished to deep oil fry. Bake those vegetables and some chicken and get the same crisp and deliciousness like any fried food, the only difference is; it is so much more healthy! 

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