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30 Best Christmas Gingerbread Recipes: Holidays Cookies

This easy recipe for gingerbread Recipes makes great Christmas presents or decorations – perfect for baking with children.Enjoy these 30 Christmas Gingerbread recipes with friends, family… Sweet Christmas Gingerbread Star Cookies Good news! These gingerbread cookies will taste excellent with Fancy or Cooking molasses (though I still really recommend the […]

Chocolaty Sweet Potato Muffins

Made those chocolaty sweet potato muffins for the first time already in the beginning of January. Everything was perfect about them – the consistency, taste, sweetness and moistness   However, I must have written down the wrong liquid quantity because I just couldn’t repeat the recipe with the same perfection […]

50 Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping: DIY Ideas

Get in the holiday spirit! As you’re buying gifts, add a personal touch with Unique 50 Christmas gift wrapping ideas! Upcycled Kraft Paper Gift Wrapping Ideas From: The Found and The Fancy How to Print Your Own Gift Wrapping Paper From: The Pretty Blog Hand Painted Wrapping Paper Christmas is […]

Chocolaty Chia Pudding

It’s really unheard-of, but this is the first chia pudding recipe on my blog! I’ve been thinking of sharing a couple of recipes for ages, but somehow a different recipe always has stolen the spotlight. Chia puddings are brilliant as they are easy and quite quick to make. Moreover, they […]

Easy Party Appetizers – Best Appetizer Recipes

Party season again and with that comes parties and get-togethers with the family. One thing that I’ve always had at our get-togethers is a nice variety of Easy appetizers that will be perfect the way to kick off your party dinner or holiday party. Nice homemade eggnog is always welcome […]

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Tofu & Cinnamon Pancakes

To be honest it’s getting harder and harder to say something new about pancakes. Like always, I blended some veggies into the batter – summer squash and parsnip in their raw form, so that I wouldn’t need to heat them twice. In addition to tofu, soaked raw buckwheat groats and […]

30 Perfect Pizza Recipes: Dessert & Dinner

Pizza is good any time of the year, and it’s especially delicious when the weather outside is cool and wonderful. Enjoy these 30 perfect pizza recipes Easy to do it… Balsamic Mushroom & Goat Cheese Pizza Cheesy, mushroom heavy, fall-inspired pizza! YES. And it’s kind of perfect because I am […]