Fat Burning Green Smoothie – Easy to do it

Lifestyle changes produce long-term results. You lose the weight the healthy way AND you maintain it! This is what we want!    All the ingredients for this smoothie are high water content fruit and veggies so the smoothie is super cleansing and will help you not only shed the pounds but also […]

Chocolaty Raw Cheesecake Pascha with Poppy Seeds

I felt motivated enough to come up with a new raw Easter Cheesecake recipe to meet the requirements of my current diet. I’m especially happy about this vegan Candida diet friendly recipe as it’s also suitable for those undergoing the Candida cleanse. Well, almost at least!  You’d just need to […]

10 Easy Halloween Appetizers to Get Your Party Started

There is no better way to get into spooky holiday spirit than by making easy recipes for Hallowen appetizers to impress everyone. 10 wickedly good hallowen appetizers to get your party started. 1.Halloween Jack Skellington Ricotta Olive Tarts Halloween Jack Skellington Ricotta Olive Tarts Every guest will get a kick […]

Throw A Tapas Lunch Party: Top 4 Healthy Dishes

A great platter, Tapas is mostly shared with friends. Today, you have Tapas recipes to count on if you are a health-conscious person and want others to eat healthy and well. It’s been over 800 years that Tapas has been a central aspect of the food scene. Typically, this platter […]