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? Vegan Oatmeal Pancakes

Those light and fluffy  simple vegan oatmeal pancakes excel in simplicity as well as delightful taste. They are perfect blender pancakes for those lazy and mindful weekend/day mornings.   I decided to keep this vegan pancake recipe low in fat, which makes it a perfect breakfast after having my celery […]

Chocolaty Sweet Potato Pancakes

I’ve used all the imaginable veggies in my pancake recipes – carrots (plain and colourful), summer squash, butternut squash, parsnip, beetroot, and purple yams; in raw, baked, powdered and grated form. I usually soak my groats before using in recipes this time being an exception though as I just forgot […]

Fluffy Buckwheat-Oat Bran Pancakes

For many of you pancakes are probably a must-have on Sunday mornings, even if you are on  diet, like myself. The good news is that you don’t have to give up the comforting traditions just because you have dietary restrictions or simply want to be healthy. t is the time […]

Vegan Buttermilk Pancakes

Let me start by saying that those vegan buttermilk pancakes are the most delicious pancakes my hubby has ever had. At least this was what he said! By now I’ve made those lentil pancakes in many variations (different colours) and they’re all so fluffy and delicious! Moreover, my vegan buttermilk […]

Vegan Golden Milk with Ginger

Golden milk or turmeric milk is one of my favourite drinks during the cold season. Usually it is prepared with turmeric powder and other spices, such as cinnamon and ginger. However, I make my golden milk recipe with fresh turmeric root and ginger. Why is this turmeric golden milk so […]

Chocolaty Vegan Sourdough Pancakes

You’ll love this chocolaty recipe if you’re into vegan gluten-free pancakes made with sourdough. Besides being low-glycemic, dairy-free and egg-free, they are also light and fluffy and so easy to make.   In retrospect, do you still remember the times when vegan gluten-free pancakes were something out of this world? […]

Tofu & Beet Pancakes, Gluten-Free

Those tofu and beet pancakes have the sweetest colour making them a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. I must say I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day because of its commercial background today, but once upon a time it used to be a very sweet tradition.   In addition to […]

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Tofu & Cinnamon Pancakes

To be honest it’s getting harder and harder to say something new about pancakes. Like always, I blended some veggies into the batter – summer squash and parsnip in their raw form, so that I wouldn’t need to heat them twice. In addition to tofu, soaked raw buckwheat groats and […]