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50 Easy Nutella Recipes – sweet treats

Nutella Muddy Buddies Muddy buddies or puppy chow is one of our go-to snacks in the Hatland house. They are easy to make and the ingredient options are endless really. This is one of those wonderful recipes like cookies, that you can really cater to any taste, event, and holiday […]


Vegan Tofu Cheesecake with Purple Yams, Oil-Free

My first try with this vegan cheesecake didn’t quite come out the way I’d imagined, because I was reluctant to use agar-agar. Instead I thought that creamed coconut would be enough to firm up my tofu cheesecake. However, I should have made this cake a real fat bomb for the […]

vegan chocolate chips

Vegan Chocolate Cookies

Those vegan chocolate chip cookies were born when I was about to make another batch of my homemade chocolate candies. So, I already had made a variation of my oatmeal mix when I suddenly had a craving for vegan chocolate chip cookies instead. Thus, I played around with the ingredients […]

30 Easy Banana Desserts

30 Easy Banana Desserts

Check out these 30  wonderful banana dessert recipes! Easy to do it. Article Image from: From: Tasty Magnolia Bakery Pumpkin Gingerbread Banana Pudding Perfect for the holidays, this copycat magnolia bakery pumpkin gingersnap banana pudding recipe will blow your mind! From: LaurensLatest Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies These Easy Chocolate Chip Banana […]

The Best Gingerbread Cookies

ere’s the best chewy and soft gingerbread cookies recipe that makes your house smell of holiday flavours. It’s a quick and easy recipe requiring 8 ingredients and 45 minutes to make. Before we go on, considering that this post is quite long, I’d like to give you a brief overview […]

30 Easy Christmas Brownies Recipes – Christmas Dessert

check out these Delicious festive brownies you NEED for Christmas dessert table. Easy to do it Brownie Peppermint Cheesecake Bars These Brownie Peppermint Cheesecake Bars are a combination of two favorite desserts with a holiday twist. Fudgy brownies topped with creamy peppermint cheesecake, yum! From: Unicorns in the Kitchen Salted […]

Vegan Gingerbread Cake with Icing

Here’s absolutely delicious gluten-free vegan gingerbread cake recipe – right on spot for the holiday season. How to make gingerbread cake? It’s easy really – you start with gingerbread cookie recipe and leave the batter moister. However, I wanted something quite different from my previous gingerbread recipes and decided to […]

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Vegan Tofu-Beet Quiche

created this vegan quiche recipe for my hubby’s birthday. My savoury pie made him especially happy as he’d already had a very creamy vegan raw cake in the office that day. Therefore, he sat down with a piece of my vegan quiche accompanied by steamed leafy greens and oil-free veggie […]