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20 Easy Christmas toffee recipes - Holiday Toffe(1)

20 Easy Christmas toffee recipes – Holiday Toffee

Caramelize that sugar and molasses for this holiday season. We have found the best Easy toffee recipes EVER! Please enjoy them all… Article Image from: From: HomeJobsByMom 5-Ingredient Chocolate Covered Toffee Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved toffee. I could down Heath and Skor candy bars in no […]


50 Easy Cool Peppermint Creations: Christmas Recipes

Peppermint is the perfect flavor for the holiday season. It gets everyone in the spirit of Christmas! Enjoy these 50 cool peppermint creations…   Article Image From: BettyCrocker  Peppermint Oreo Truffles Fun and festive Peppermint Oreo Truffles require no baking and just 6 ingredients. Anyone can make these and they […]

Chocolaty Sweet Potato Muffins

Made those chocolaty sweet potato muffins for the first time already in the beginning of January. Everything was perfect about them – the consistency, taste, sweetness and moistness   However, I must have written down the wrong liquid quantity because I just couldn’t repeat the recipe with the same perfection […]

Chocolaty Chia Pudding

It’s really unheard-of, but this is the first chia pudding recipe on my blog! I’ve been thinking of sharing a couple of recipes for ages, but somehow a different recipe always has stolen the spotlight. Chia puddings are brilliant as they are easy and quite quick to make. Moreover, they […]

Vegan Gingerbread Recipe with Egg-Free Royal Icing

There’s a special relationship between gingerbread and me – since I changed my way of eating and started this blog I’ve developed a new gluten-free vegan gingerbread recipe each year to cater my evolving needs and understanding of a healthy treat. In this new vegan gingerbread recipe I substituted quite […]

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Tofu

I had been thinking of turning my Butternut Squash Pie into tartlets, but then discovered a pack of silken tofu in fridge that needed to be consumed as soon as possible, so I made an adjustment and decided to try tofu tartlets instead. Still, they had to include butternut squash […]

Soft Pumpkin Gingerbread Cookies

The reason is that oat bran has much lower glycemic load than rolled oats, buckwheat, millet or quinoa (not to speak of the remaining grains such as spelt, wheat, rye and barley). So, my soft gingerbread cookies contain both oat bran and rolled oats. There I was trying to figure […]

Vegan Baked Cheesecake

It’s cake again. And it’s cheesecake… again. However, this time it is vegan baked cheesecake as it’s winter after all and baking just seems a better idea. So, I baked the first vegan cheesecake without crust and it worked out very well, but I figured it’d look more impressive and […]