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Beet-Carrot Chocolate Muffins, Oil-Free

’m into beetroot at the moment as I discovered I had some beets in the fridge that needed to be consumed. So I’ve been making beet pancakes, beet muffins and adding oven-baked beetroot to salads. I think that beet brownie is up next. The chocolaty part of the muffins comes […]

Chocolaty Cauliflower-Tahini Cheesecake

I’ve always loved vegan cheesecakes that require tons of cashews, thus making them quite high in fat. I took a risk and made the cauliflower-tahini cheesecake for a birthday party with more conventional eaters. However, they already adored my cheesecakes, only this time they didn’t know it was going to […]

Black Bean Hummus with Veggies

I was thinking hard which recipe should make it to the blog this week. The winner was oil-free black bean hummus with oven-baked carrots and summer squash. Now, the reason I wanted to highlight my oil-free black bean hummus recipe is its recent popularity among my 5-day whole food plant-based […]

Chocolaty Millet Amaranth Porridge with Beets

hardly ever use just one grain to prepare porridge – usually it is a blend of two different grains. So, this time I decided to make chocolaty millet amaranth porridge with raw grated veggies. The chocolaty part of this porridge comes from carob and cacao, which is another blend I […]

Chocolaty Raw Cheesecake Pascha with Poppy Seeds

I felt motivated enough to come up with a new raw Easter Cheesecake recipe to meet the requirements of my current diet. I’m especially happy about this vegan Candida diet friendly recipe as it’s also suitable for those undergoing the Candida cleanse. Well, almost at least!  You’d just need to […]