4 fruits to add you to your smoothie

Best Fruits for the Perfect Smoothie

Have you been looking for a fast and easy breakfast that you can take on the go? The breakfast sandwich at a fast food place might be tempting, but a wrong move and you could find yourself experiencing too seriously rough heartburn, not to mention the harmful chemicals and fats […]

30 Super Green Smoothie Recipes: Drink Your Vitamins & Minerals

Pineapple Spinach Green Smoothie Start your day off with a delicious, refreshing, and healthy PINEAPPLE SPINACH GREEN SMOOTHIE! Spinach never tasted so good! From: GarnishAndGlaze 2. Banana Mango Avocado Green Smoothie This smoothie is super simple, requiring just 5 ingredients and a blender or food processor. Of course, you know by now […]

Vegan Golden Milk with Ginger

Golden milk or turmeric milk is one of my favourite drinks during the cold season. Usually it is prepared with turmeric powder and other spices, such as cinnamon and ginger. However, I make my golden milk recipe with fresh turmeric root and ginger. Why is this turmeric golden milk so […]

The Best Anti Inflammatory Blueberry Smoothie

I love the nutrient that have blueberry and the benefits that have it. Anti inflammatory , Inmne boosting Smoothies are the easiest make-ahead breakfast! We love them because the possibilities are endless. In the past I’ve offered up many smoothie: 50 super Healthy Smoothie recipes from Instagram – Easy smoothie […]